About RocHack

RocHack started with a Facebook thread about posting GitHub profiles. Shortly after, Simon Weber, Sean Brennan, Andrew Wong, Nate Book, Charles Lehner, and Steve Gattuso met up in person for the very first RocHack meeting (which ended up being all of them sitting in a room ranting about technology) in September of 2012.

Since then, RocHack has grown and had events such as Hacker Nights and our first Hackathon in December 2013.

Get in touch

We love meeting new people! If you have any interest in RocHack or just want to say hello, feel free to email our mailing list or ping us in our IRC channel: ##rochack on freenode.

The family

The one and only requirement to becoming a member of the RocHack family is that you must learn enough about Git and HTML to add your name to this list.

Anyone who comes to us with no programming knowledge will be taught how to do this as their first project, as it's a super simple way to get started with the two tools.

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