Hacker Night 1 Hey everyone!! We’re having Hacker Night again tonight at 8PM in Hylan 301!! There will be food again and a brief, hands-on tech talk! All are warmly welcome.

Today we’ll be talking about (and pay close attention to the tempting capitalistic self-marketing job-pursuit motivators for each that I know you all value much more highly than intrinsic motivation for learning about and using great tools, JK):

  • Git! A version control system that’s a necessity for making software in the Real World, and also extremely useful for collaborating on projects while in Uni
  • GitHub! No, not grubhub! It’s a site that facilitates Git collaboration and also a highly regarded piece of your resume/portfolio
  • How to use them both together to launch your own site and expose yourself the digital world. This doesn’t have to be a personal website either, it can be anything for any web idea you’ve ever had!

We’ll also start talking about projects you guys want to maybe collaborate on and other ideas for making RocHack the kind of community this campus needs. Yay 🚀

See you guys there!!!