Hi everybody!

After a bit of hiatus from last semester due to hectic schedules (sorry about that) we’re incredibly happy to announce that we’re back in action this semester. We’re going to kick off the new season with an improved edition of Hacker Nights.

For those of you who are new to the scene, Hacker Nights are a weekly event hosted by RocHack dedicated to bridging what you’re doing in class with what’s actually going on in the outside tech industry. A few highlights of what we’re planning include:

  • An introduction to git, the ubiquitous version control system used in probably any CS job you’ll find
  • How to build your first website (starting out with HTML/CSS and Javascript)
  • Making web apps (TBD between Rails or React)
  • Talks from professors. In the past we’ve had Prof. Ding talk about the concepts of Object Oriented Programming with Ruby and Prof. Guo discuss his Python tutor research.
  • How to navigate the tech industry and land an internship

In addition we’re planning on having social events to help foster a strong community of hackers at U of R.

We’re really excited about what’s to come this semester and hope you’ll join us at our first Hacker Night (date/time will come soon)!

  • The RocHack Team